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JGI’s people are our greatest asset and differentiator.

No team outside the halls of government or the military can match JGI’s depth of experience in leading defense and national security initiatives.

JGI’s senior advisors include U.S. ambassadors, retired four-star/three-star officers, and additional senior government retired leaders. Our full-time team includes many more retired flag officers and War College graduates. This depth of experience — working in Washington, D.C., across the globe, and within the world’s leading military — gives us the tools to be the preeminent provider of impactful strategic counsel.

More than 300 Subject-Matter Experts

Behind JGI’s leadership stands a diverse, deep group of more than 300 subject matter experts (SMEs). Based in the client’s location, each SME is a former senior military officer or civilian equivalent with two to four decades of experience. SMEs work closely alongside counterparts within the client’s organization, assisting, consulting and mentoring to facilitate decision-making and drive progress toward objectives. This bench, in addition to extensive external relationships, provides the capabilities and resources necessary to deliver for virtually any challenge.

Our Leadership

Our senior leaders are heavily engaged with clients not only at a strategic level but also at a tactical level, as strategies are carried forward through successful execution. We bring thorough knowledge of best practices to drive meaningful results across a host of engagement areas.

James L. Jones III

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Bill Foster

President, Jones Group Middle East

John Lord

President, Jones Group Europe

John Angevine

Vice President

Gregory Bloom

Chief Operating Officer

Laura Clark

Vice President, Accounting and Finance

Nancy Estrella

Director, HR

Pete Gersten

Vice President

Alexander Lopez

Chief Information Security Officer & Director, Information Technology

James L. Jones III

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mick Maurer

Board Member

Norm Willox

Board Member