Norm Willox

Board Member

About Norm Willox

Norm Willox is a globally-recognized information and cyber risk executive and analyst who along with his partner accelerates National Security technology companies, to achieve domestic and international policy and technology goals. He brings more than thirty years of experience actively developing, executing, and managing cutting-edge industry initiatives to solve severe societal challenges and shape policy for government, financial service, health care, law enforcement, insurance, and energy agencies.

Mr. Willox leverages his vast knowledge of government and commercial operations, risk management, cyber security, terrorism, international criminal syndicates, intelligence, and privacy to evaluate market and business risks to help organizations scale and achieve high levels of growth. He also assists companies in deploying technology to efficiently solve problems in a sustainable manner and transform weaknesses into strengths.

Norman Willox is presently CEO and Managing Partner of Bluewater International, LLC. Bluewater is one of our nations boutique high growth investment advisory firms focusing on Digital Information, and Cyber Risk Markets. For decades, Mr. Willox has been recognized as a global leader in the societal transformation from analog to digital information risk management, due to the exponential growth and evolution of cybercrime, terrorism, international criminal organizations, economic crime and intelligence.

Mr. Willox was cofounder of LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group (LN), which is today over 1.5 billion in revenue. Willox also founded the Lexis Nexis classified business, post 9-11, in order to meet our nation’s rapidly emerging information risk needs caused by the dramatic growth and digital transformation of international criminal organizations, terrorism and cybercrime. Mr. Willox worked with the White House, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and Intelligence Community to establish, architect and operate some of our nations critically needed information risk programs. He also developed and managed LexisNexis Global Government, Industry and Regulatory Affairs Group, that provided thought leadership for government and industry stakeholders (domestic and internationally) on rapidly evolving information risk issues such as information sharing, security, privacy and authentication.

Mr. Willox has also served on many Boards, including: Coalfire, XOR, Infozen, ID Experts, NowSecure, Fortress Information Security, Secured Communication, Threatminer, VOR, ALI. He is currently an Executive Board-member for Freedom House, an NGO. He is also a former member and advisor for the Business Services Advisory Board at Baird Venture Partners, a former partner for Comvest Private Equity, and has sat on several academic and non-profit boards responsible for research and developing undergraduate, graduate, and professional education programs at Syracuse/Utica University, Indiana University (Center for Identity Management and Protection) , University of Texas (Center for Identity), DOJ’s National White Collar Crime Center.

Mr. Willox received a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from West Chester University, PA.


  • National Security
  • Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Developing High Growth Critical and Emerging Dual Use Technology Companies
  • Acquisitions
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Cloud-Computing
  • Leadership
  • Democracy