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Our global strategic consulting services blend vision and execution across an array of subject matter areas for governments, public institutions and private enterprises, with a focus on defense and security.


Complex Problems

Tackling complex, unstructured problems by providing support from strategy development through execution.

Intricate Questions

Solving for questions surrounding governance, resource planning, projection and allocation, infrastructure management and organizational structure.

Change Management

Conducting change management, leadership transitions and leadership resiliency support.

Independent Advice

Providing objective, independent advice that connects organizations to their overriding objectives and helps clients achieve tangible results, which enable them to stand on their own.

National Security

JGI understands that a nation’s security depends on more than its military’s ability to defend territory. It requires a multifaceted approach tying together good government, commercial and international engagement, infrastructure security and economic strength.

Defense Transformation

Given that security is a precursor to economic prosperity and the proliferation of American values, military transformation and modernization are critically important tools for furthering the interests of the U.S. and its allies.

Economic Development and Growth

We believe aiding in the economic development, growth and strength of our partners, allies and their businesses is ultimately a key part of U.S. national defense.


Jones Group engages its senior advisors, subject-matter experts and world-leading partners with the most advanced private sector cybersecurity firms to deliver impactful cybersecurity strategic advisory for clients.