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Economic Development
and Growth

At JGI, we believe aiding in the economic development, growth and strength of our partners, allies and their businesses is ultimately a key part of U.S. national defense.


Around the world, JGI and its subject matter experts (SMEs) work with governments and in-country partners to transfer experience and create processes, programs and capacity to grow and expand.

JGI’s team supports our partner governments in developing strategies for localization — identifying services and products which previously had been imports, and then helping them build the capacity to make them exports. We accomplish that through strategic planning, developing mentor-protégé relationships, and facilitating collaboration between government, industry and academia.

The worldwide depth and multifunctional experience of our SMEs also puts us in the unique position of assisting international business partners in addressing specific growth barriers or issues in doing business in the U.S. markets, or with U.S. industry. Likewise, our multiregional experience — and lessons learned — can assist a U.S. company in developing and executing a roadmap toward international growth.

Other Capabilities:

National Security

JGI understands that a nation’s security depends on more than its military’s ability to defend territory. It requires a multifaceted approach tying together good government, commercial and international engagement, infrastructure security and economic strength.

Defense Transformation

Given that security is a precursor to economic prosperity and the proliferation of American values, military transformation and modernization are critically important tools for furthering the interests of the U.S. and its allies.


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