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National Security

JGI understands that a nation’s security depends on more than its military’s ability to defend territory.


It requires a multifaceted approach tying together good government, commercial and international engagement, infrastructure security and economic strength. We know from experience how to create and execute effective strategies across a multitude of sectors, helping to shape stable, secure environments and flourishing societies.

Domestic Security 

A nation’s domestic security organizations play an outsized role in its adherence to international norms for anti-corruption, civilian control, constrained use of force, and respect for human rights and international law. 

JGI engages with nonmilitary security organizations — such as border guards, police and customs agents — by offering training, improving organizational capabilities and bringing a heightened level of professionalism. Transformed and modernized security agencies, in turn, strengthen their nation’s border security, reduce corruption, combat trafficking, and usher in a greater respect for human rights. 

There are tremendous opportunities for improvement in this sector in the Mediterranean, North African, Eastern European and Saudi peninsula regions, which face severe refugee, migrant and human trafficking crises. 

Energy Security

Energy security undergirds national security. Domestic energy production — oil, nuclear or renewable — and secure energy infrastructure form the lifeblood that enables industries, homes and schools to function. 

JGI provides strategic advisory to help shape international energy policy, protect national energy interests and address environmental challenges. Drawing on a deep understanding of the importance of effective leadership, international cooperation and commercial engagement, JGI enables America and its allies to maintain a central role in creating and safeguarding prosperity through energy security. 

Other Capabilities:

Defense Transformation

Given that security is a precursor to economic prosperity and the proliferation of American values, military transformation and modernization are critically important tools for furthering the interests of the U.S. and its allies.

Economic Development and Growth

We believe aiding in the economic development, growth and strength of our partners, allies and their businesses is ultimately a key part of U.S. national defense.


Jones Group engages its senior advisors, subject matter experts and world-leading partners with the most advanced private sector cybersecurity firms to deliver impactful cybersecurity strategic advisory for clients.