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Jones Group engages its senior advisors, subject matter experts and world-leading partners with the most advanced private sector cybersecurity firms to deliver impactful cybersecurity strategic advice for clients. 


Cybersecurity is as important to strategic competition in the 21st century as nuclear power was in the 20th century. It must be a top priority for every nation to secure its own future. All manner of critical infrastructure — ranging from energy to transportation and communications – depend on cyber secure networks and comprehensive information security.

These threats require concomitant levels of vigilance and security, facilitated by collaboration in information-sharing, technology development and responding to cyber incidents. 

Information security requires the capability to transmit information securely with low latency and high confidence in data integrity. Secure 5G and related technologies are economic lynchpins, key battlefield tools, and a central element of national and industrial security. JGI performs advanced 5G strategic planning and related secure 5G projects to ensure that the U.S. and its allies maintain leadership over the development and implementation of 5G and ensuing generations of communications technology. Believing that the positive use of this technology hinges on dynamic partnerships between the public and private sectors, we seek to both exemplify and facilitate such partnerships. 

Other Capabilities:

National Security

JGI understands that a nation’s security depends on more than its military’s ability to defend territory. It requires a multifaceted approach tying together good government, commercial and international engagement, infrastructure security and economic strength.

Defense Transformation

Given that security is a precursor to economic prosperity and the proliferation of American values, military transformation and modernization are critically important tools for furthering the interests of the U.S. and its allies.

Economic Development and Growth

We believe aiding in the economic development, growth and strength of our partners, allies and their businesses is ultimately a key part of U.S. national defense.