Alexander Lopez

Chief Information Security Officer & Director, Information Technology

About Alexander Lopez

Alexander Lopez supports the JGI team across a broad range of disciplines, including risk management, compliance/audits, incident response, security tool implementation and monitoring, analytics, threat hunting/emulation, security engineering, monitoring/detection, governance, and training. He develops and continually refines comprehensive cybersecurity standards and business technology plans for JGI, leveraging the latest industry research, threat analysis, and lessons learned from internal practices. 

During a U.S. Army tenure of more than twenty years, Mr. Lopez accrued experience supervising, installing, employing, maintaining, troubleshooting and assisting users with signal support systems, terminal devices, satellite communications equipment, and automated telecommunications computer systems. He has been responsible for network defense duties, including infrastructure support, incident response, and auditing and managing the cyberspace domain that provide NC2/NC3 capabilities. He is a graduate of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.