Ambassador Clifford Sobel

Senior Advisor

About Ambassador Clifford Sobel

Clifford Sobel is the Co-Founding Partner of Valor Capital Group, a growth equity and venture capital investment firm focused on United States, Brazil, LATAM and Global  cross border opportunities.  He is also a partner in Related Brazil, a residential developer with projects in Brazil.

Previously, Ambassador Sobel served as the United States Ambassador to the Netherlands and the United States Ambassador to Brazil, under both the Bush and Obama Administrations.

He has recently served on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (PIAB), on the Secretary of State’s Foreign Advisory Board (FAPB) and was Vice Chairman of the Bi-Partisan Federal Commission on Drug Policy for the Western Hemisphere.  He also previously served on the Military Advisory Board for EUCOM and NATO and on the Advisory Board of SOUTHCOM, the Military Command for Central and South America.    During and after his service as Ambassador to Brazil he was recognized for his services by the States of Pernambuco, Sergipe and Minas Gerais. He was also recognized for his service by the Minister of Defense, and in 2022, by the President of Brazil.

Today he serves on the Board of the American Frontier Fund (AFF), created to partner with the US Government to advance America’s technology leadership, as well as an Advisor to the Partnership for Central America (PCA), the coordinating body for businesses and social enterprises to support innovative, effective and scalable initiatives aimed at economic growth and human development in Central America.   He also serves on the Board of the Council of the Americas, the Council of American Ambassadors, Christie’s Advisory Board for the Americas, and The Atlantic Council, as well as their Global China Hub Advisory Council.    He is also a Member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR),

He has served as a Board Member of Diamond Offshore Drilling (NYSE-DO), Aegon (NYSE – AEG),  Alpinvest, a fund of funds group based in Amsterdam, NL, and Chairman of Net2Phone (NASDAQ-NTOP), a pioneer internet telephony company that went public and controlling interest was acquired by AT&T.