Pete Gersten

Vice President

About Pete Gersten

Pete Gersten is the Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Jones Group International (JGI), where he primarily focuses on the national defense sector portfolio with regard to strategy, operations, business development and innovation, advanced 4th & 5th generation platforms, UAS and CUAS groups 3/4/5, AI enabled systems, and secure computer networking. In this capacity, he specializes in managing advanced technologies, identifying strategic business opportunities and developments, and integrating innovative capabilities and architectures across all business sectors within JGI.

Leveraging more than three decades of experience, Pete’s goal is to synchronize business partners with national and international commercial and military senior leadership and connect the customer to the future of business and defense opportunities.

Prior to coming to Jones Group, Pete served more than 30 years of active duty in the USAF primarily flying the F-16, MQ-1, MQ-9, RQ-170, and the 5th generation F-35 Lightning. While he was on non-flying duty, he worked in direct support of Special Operations Command and other interagency departments, led AF budget and strategy, and established the AFWerx innovation program for the USAF. He has commanded at multiple levels in the Air and Joint force along with numerous deployed combat commands. He has also served as the lead AF planner of special operations missions at multiple levels within the DoD.

He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy Class of 1989, the Executive programs at both Darden School of Business and the Harvard Kennedy School as well as master’s degrees from both Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the United States National War College. He is an AF Weapons School distinguished graduate and has flown more than 2,800 hours and over 250 combat missions over Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Bosnia.