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Experience-backed solutions to the world’s most complex defense and security challenges.


Jones Group International’s strategic advisory teams help clients across the globe achieve transformative visions for a better future.

We Offer:

Mission-Driven Engagement

We promote peace, security and American values at home and abroad through commercial engagement.

Unparalleled Experience

No organization outside the halls of government can match the quality and depth of JGI’s in-house experts, or the strength of its network of partners.

Multidimensional Expertise

We understand the complex interactions underpinning the global economy and security environment, and know how to create and execute strategies that deliver meaningful results.

We Provide:

National Security

JGI understands that a nation’s security depends on more than its military’s ability to defend territory.

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Defense Transformation

Military transformation and modernization are critically important tools for furthering the interests of the U.S. and its allies.

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Cybersecurity is as important to strategic competition in the 21st century as nuclear power was in the 20th century.

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Regions We Serve:

Our regional subsidiaries boast an impressive record of delivering tangible, transformational results for clients through persistent on-the-ground support and unmatched strategic advisory.

Middle East

The Jones Group Middle East team boasts unparalleled experience in Middle Eastern and North African foreign policy, military and security issues.


Jones Group Europe offers an array of strategic advisory services to help clients overcome complex cyber, information security and economic challenges.


Jones Group America conducts strategic advisory and facilitates impactful partnerships to generate economic opportunity and greater security for American companies and government entities.