Our Vision and Mission

Jones Group International was formed with one goal in mind...to assemble the best and brightest of the national security and foreign policy communities in a premiere consulting firm where service comes first. Under General Jones' leadership, JGI is uniquely positioned to offer unsurpassed advisory and consulting services to corporate and political entities. After years of being intimately involved with the shaping of foreign policy, JGI uses its resources to help create a strategic vision and plan for our clients that will achieve corporate goals and produce results.

JGI also benefits from extensive affiliations, partnerships and alliances with many of the world's best think tanks, policy institutions and consulting firms. These invaluable relationships provide our clients with unmatched resources that can be leveraged when situations call for a comprehensive strategy for engagement. With an ability to assemble high quality mission focused teams for virtually any effort, JGI embraces a strong bipartisan approach to its mission accomplishment that is a refreshing change from the traditional single dimensional analysis the results of which often biased, flawed and incomplete.

JGI understands the global marketplace and the intricacies involved in achieving and maintaining success. By creating innovative and fundamentally sound options for our clients, JGI looks to employ a cooperative approach to implementing strategy and achieving goals in the global community.