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Our Mission

We Are a Mission-Driven Company

Jones Group International closely adheres to our mission — firmly established by General James L. Jones when he founded the company — to promote American values throughout the world, strengthen our allies, and promote stability and security through commercial engagement. Retired military members, civil servants and industry leaders form the backbone of JGI and are committed to continuing the positive work they performed while in government or the private sector and fostering a similar culture of trust and excellence.

Unwavering Commitment

We maintain an unwavering commitment to freedom and respect for human rights throughout all our work.

Positive Impact

We value positive global outcomes that benefit humanity above our bottom line.

Guided by Mission

Our mission guides hiring decisions, which projects we take on, and the way we conduct ourselves every day.

JGI seeks out complex challenges in the defense, security and commercial sectors, pursuing these important avenues for international engagement as opportunities to foster professionalism, respect for rule of law, social development and economic prosperity, all leading to greater respect for human rights and freedom. While the success of our clients’ objectives are paramount, all JGI work fully aligns with American interests and policies. 

Regions We Serve:


Jones Group America conducts strategic advisory and facilitates impactful partnerships to generate economic opportunity and greater security for American companies and government entities.

Middle East

The Jones Group Middle East team boasts unparalleled experience in Middle Eastern and North African foreign policy, military and security issues.


Jones Group Europe offers an array of strategic advisory services to help clients overcome complex cyber, information security and economic challenges.