National Security

"It is up to us to try to make some sense out of things when they appear to make no sense, to bring order from disorder, and to once again attempt to make the world a better place for those who follow in our history has taught us, this is no easy task." — General James Jones

JGI's understands the relationship between national security and our nation's corporate structure. Our first hand knowledge and understanding of this nexus gives us a strategic advantage in providing thoughtful analysis and consulting services to our clientele. JGI appreciates that our national security is tied to not only protecting the homeland and combating terrorism but also to energy security and a strong national economy. JGI embraces a multifaceted approach and works with our clients to look for strategic advantages in providing for the defense of our nation.

After a lifetime of enforcing and helping to develop national security policy, JGI now stands ready to assist in translating these policies, events and the changing world dynamic for our clients to ensure success.