Energy Security

"It is important to stress that when it comes to energy policy, there is no magic bullet or simple solution. Crafting a comprehensive and responsible energy policy will require input from all stakeholders - producers, consumers, environmentalists, policymakers, and security experts." —General James Jones

During his 40-year military career, General James Jones worked closely with government, business, and civic leaders to protect and advance U.S. and Allied interests around the world - and one of those key interests was energy security. He also served as the president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber's Institute for 21st Century Energy where he led efforts to advance international cooperation on energy issues, to protect national energy security, and to promote better understanding of changes to the global climate and its effects on the environment.

JGI offers high level advisory and consulting services in the areas of international energy policy, strategies for protecting our national energy interests, and ways to address global climate changes.