Company Profile

Jones Group International is an organization where mission comes first and the success and satisfaction of our clients is paramount. Led by General Jones, JGI deploys a service first methodology to tackle issues and find solutions to today's complex issues. Coming from the highest echelons of government and the military, JGI benefits from a unique and unrivaled experience with numerous foreign governments, advanced international relationships, and an understanding of the national security process to develop strategic plans to help clients succeed in challenging environments. JGI helps design a course that aligns clients with opportunities, markets, and decision makers to maximize their chances for success.

In the areas of national security, international affairs and foreign policy, energy security and leadership, General Jones has a distinguished and well established record of service and global expertise. Crafted in his vision, the JGI Team utilizes the same principles he used over his long career to care for our clients and their needs while working to ensure success and capitalize on viable opportunities.